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For health insurance companies and payers working with pharmacies, patient-medication connection and cost management are cornerstones of a successful program. Working with the right specialty pharmacy can make the process of patients obtaining critical and necessary specialty medications much simpler.

Restore Rx, Inc. functions as an important part of the insurance network. We can help keep specialty medication costs low through increased patient compliance and a reduction or elimination of unnecessary healthcare utilization via early early recognition, side effect management, and assisting patients day-to-day challenges.

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Education support and training for patients from Restore Rx, Inc. Pharmacy clinical pharmacists


Treatment counseling ensuring that patients receive the maximum benefit from the medication

Complete patient profile documentation to be used in medication therapy

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Restore Rx, Inc.

Restore Rx, Inc. is an innovative leader in the pharmaceutical industry, providing a continuum of care and specialty medications while keeping patients our top priority.

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